Thank You 2016

It’s a Thanksgiving tradition dating all the way back to 2009! If we’ve interacted about the film or my other work or if you inspired me in some way, chances are  you were thanked. Want to find out for sure? Just put your name in the search field.

thanksgiving_monsterMark Cantor, Paul Galloway, Tim Dodd, Oskar Munoz, Paul McAllister, Peter Miller,  Susanna Steisel, Florentine Films, Robin Stratton, John Nichols III, Liana Liu, Amy Linn, Paulette Livers, Anne Ferrer, Jon Henry, Ian McDonald, Terence Nance, Lisa Danaczko, Jan Freeman, Craig Urquhart, Steven Petrow, Beverly Sky, Leslie Pray, Christina Vogel, Lucinda Bliss, Laini Nemett, Bryan Reisberg, Katherine Smith, Chanelle Aponte Pearson, Larry Dark, Sara Pleydell, Kalia Pang, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Josselin Salazar, Phoenix Art Museum, Madeleine Cutrona, Charles R. Williamson Jr., Mikhail Hallak, Theresa Marchetta, Isabelle Prince, Keaton Hargraves, George Lugg, Didi Cao, Fang  Zhang, Matthea Marquart, Sara Nodjoumi, Mitchell Teplitsky,  Bill Diamond, Ly Ly, Beth Johnson, Leah Shore, Jan Svankmajer,

And thank you again to everyone who supported the crowdfunding campaign.

Continued thanks to these people (2015) these people (2014),  these people (2013), these people (2012), these people (2011), these people (2010), and these people (2009).