Thanks 2014

The following people have shown kindness toward my artistic endeavors or inspired me. Most are people I’ve encountered this year, some from years past. I am grateful for even the smallest interaction, because sometimes even the smallest interaction can make a huge difference, in a work of art, in a day, in a life. Here then, the people who have made a difference in 2014. Thank you one and all.

Cat in a paradeAudrey Ward, Marisa Anderson, Meagan Patrick, Starsha Jordan, Marianne Midori, William Bailey, Kamaren Suwijn, Harry Gantz, Sarah Cobley, Dance in Devon Festival (UK), Gene Gnesin, Kristy Harding,  Paper Tape Magazine, Rob Venusti, Mary Toepfer Dolce,  Andrew Moore, Stephen Moore, Tina Moore, Jay Moore, Forrest Wynne, Sharon Wynne, Don Wynne, John Tilley, Juan Morales, Pilgrimage Magazine, Louis Dallara, Jamelah Rimawi, David Licata (the glass artist, not me), Craig Stevens, April Roth, Cathty Anne, Debra Zimmerman, Mike Poppleton, Marion Poeth, the Act Your Age Festival (NL), Gayatri Martin, James Carnahan, Susan Gellin, Beth Thielen, Michael Eder, Glen Steinmacher, The New York Public Library, Andrew Altenburg, David Cerchio, Kara Collier Ibañez, Courtney Harge, Sarah Corpron,  Tina Schumann,  Stephen Budner, Cecilia Petit, Rory Jobst, Jessica Rosner, Alison Victor, Tammy Faye Starlite, Martha Graham Crackers, John Lott, Duane Andrews, Shanti Grumbine, Laurie Marsden, Virginia and Will, Evan Gluck, Daiken Nelson, Helen Axcelson, Jack Axcelson, Wayne Olsen, Bob Stein, Bruce Ward, David Garratt, Barbara Bernstein, Jeff Martin, Pete Pazmino, Lucy Rosenthal, Dong Li, Sophie Barbasch, Paula Whyman, Lisa Carey, Yong-Wook Chung, Joshua Kendall, Caroline Allen, Jody Hobbs Hesler, Roger King, Rachel Breen, Aaron Stepp, Lauren Marie Taylor, Sylvie Courvoisier, Kenny Wollesen, and Drew Gress.

Continued thanks to these people (2013), these people (2012), these people (2011), these people (2010), and these people (2009).