Thank You

So many people to thank. Some of these folks worked on the film and some gave words of encouragement. Many helped in ways they may never be aware of and a few I’ve never met. This list is in no particular order and it’s just a start.

Thank you, Chef Rhonda, for the delicious Thanksgiving spread.
Thank you, Chef Rhonda, for the delicious Thanksgiving spread.

Paolo Soleri, Jill Tarter, Robert Darden, David Milarch, Jared Milarch, Kerry Milarch, Jake Milarch, Mary Landon Darden, Jim Robbins, Dana King, Larissa Bonfante, the students in Professor Bonfante’s class at NYU, Wolfgang Held, Thomas Harting, Andy Bowley, Robert Featherstone, Stefan Grace, Mira Chang, Mike Primmer, Pola Rapaport, Cabot Philbrick, Ian Olds, Sheri Bylander, Marina Feleo Gonzalez, Mary Six Rupert, Don Palmer, Duana Butler, Frank Drake, Seth Shostak, Chris Neller, Karen Randall, Rick Forster, Cynthia Phillips, Rocco Mancinelli, Susie Jorgensen,  U.S. Park Ranger Steve Zachary, the students in SETI’s 2008 Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Program in Astrobiology, U.S. Park Ranger Richard Gibson, David McMaster, David Hanawalt, the Bartlett tree climber dudes, Peter Andreucci, William Libby, everyone at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sheila Gulley Pleasants, Suny Monk, Rhonda Scovill, everyone at Jentel Arts, Lynn Reeves, everyone at Fundacion Valparaiso, Las Chicas, everyone at Centrum Arts and Creative Education, Sally Rodgers, The Teachers Network, Mary-Louise Geering, Roland Tec, Nachama Tec, Robert Palumbo, Lorca Shepperd, Mary McDonnell, Dorothy Robinson, Rob Tarbell, Anna von Gehr, Alex Chertok, Alice Grossman, Jocelyn Brown, Joanna Ney, Serge J-F Levy, Jane Waggoner Deschner, Marcie Paper, Heidi Durrow, Meryl Meisler, Joel Beard, Peter LaMastro, Kristine Oulman, Lincoln LaMastro, Rachel West Carpenter, Bert Shapiro, Alondra Nelson, Anna Beskin and her students at Pace University, Kevin Nutt, WFMU, Capt’n Hard Times Restaurant and its employees and patrons, Hyde Park Records and its employees and patrons, Reverend Reuben Burton, Reverend Doctor Stanley Keeble, University Quarters Bed and Breakfast, Paula and Peter Schuler, the MacDowell Colony, the New York Foundation for the Arts, and my family.

More to come.

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