Thanks 2013

Thank you. You're super!
Thank you. You’re super!

Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with A Life’s Work and my other cinematic and/or literary endeavors in 2013. If you’re not thanked here, it’s very possible you were thanked in 2012, or 2011, or 2010, or 2009.

Barbara Bosworth, William Swearson,  Peter Olsen, Edwin Stepp, Monica Salgado Mancuso, Mary Lopez, Kyu Nakama, Sai Nakama, Summer Ash, Ira Murfin, Blue Nikitopoulos, Mary-Lea Cox Awanohara, Ana Singh, David Yam, Karma Low, the Columbia School of Social Work, Royal Shiree, Lisa Marie Harris, Ken McGrath, Deb Friend, Yvonne Delet, Gerard Mignone, Susan Rials, Charles Kerman, Ruth Salvatore, Tracey Yates, Molly Reid, Brian Quick, Fern Sei, Sandra Dal Poggetto, Jim McNutt, Lori Esposito, Luke Gullickson, Greta Schuler, Kate Schutt, Kim Frank Kirk, Debra Gwartney, Ruth Salvatore, Cindy, Michael and all the staff at Ucross, Michael Apted, Bill Stone, Gil Kofman, Tanner King Barklow, Angad Bhalla, Mark Kitchell, Ted Hope, Benjamin Piety, Ken Cook, Ilya Chaiken, Marc Clebanoff, Eric Schaeffer, James Cullingham, Steven Okazaki, r.k.vr.y., David Harth, Dr. Erin Brannigan, everyone at ReelDance Moving Image Collection and The University New South Wales, Australia.

My thanks go out to all of you. You are all SUPER!