Thanks 2015

Einstein_Thanksgiving_FloatIt’s a Thanksgiving tradition dating all the way back to 2009! If we’ve interacted about the film or my other work or if you inspired me in some way, chances are  you were thanked. Want to find out for sure? Just put your name in the search field.

This year I’d like to thank:

Xinyang (Amy) Hong,  Mallory McMahon, Landon Lee, Getty Images, Margo Stipe, Kristel Nielsen, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Stephan Chodorov, Nancy Hadley, the American Institute of Architects, Sebi Vitale, Ana Fiore, Rusha Rahman, Chris Robertson, Claire Carter, Meredith Miller, Caroline Wright, John Copenhaver, Samuel Leader, Kathryn Armstrong, Prilla Smith Brackett, Ramona DeFelice Long, Barbara Frank, Ron Maclean, Suzanne Zweizig, Jahae Kim, Alan Brown, Lori Horvitz, Robert Gatto, Forest Lehrman, Jocelyn Kelly, Helen: A Literary Magazine, Bennett Beckenstein, Cal Vornberger, Patricia Chao, Urban Associates, Maud MacStoker, Curtis Mark, Susan Robinson, Compass Magazine, Robert Branch, Julian Lage, John Lehmann-Haupt, Elizabeth Oakley, Christine Kakoulas, Marsha Linehan, Diane Paradiso, Yesika Montoya, Kevin E. Smith D.D.S., Margaret Smithglass, Julianne Metzdorf Benisch, David S. Mayne, Murray Smith, Melody Serafino, Jonathan Rowe,  Madrone Studios, Olivier Sherman, The CVS on West End Avenue and 70th Street, NYC,  Ed Kelle, Bob Pegram, Alexandre Frenette, and Sara Brown.

Continued thanks to these people (2014),  these people (2013), these people (2012), these people (2011), these people (2010), and these people (2009).