My dirty little secret is that I’m also a writer of fiction and creative nonfiction. Some of this work exists online. Here, then, published writing by David Licata.

David Licata, writing.
Photo by Peter LaMastro. Visit his website: http://peterlamastro.com/

The Red Mug

Practice, Practice

12-Bar Blues (print only)

Other Leevilles


There Is Joy Before the Angels of God

Lavender (Part of Boston Literary Magazine’s Best of Volume II)

The Wolf Is in the Kitchen

Strangers Take the Best Pictures (online journal no more)


Other Writing

I contributed to Filmmaker Magazine.

I also write for Extracriticum.com, a blog about the performing arts written by performing artists.

And some other stuff that’s not on the web: Writer for SportsFigures (ESPN Television): “The Spin Doctor Is In” and “Ice Ain’t Easy” (featuring Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen). An educational television series that explored a variety of math and physics concepts in the world of sports and used well-known athletes to help explain the relationships.

Contributor of 683 movie reviews for The Blockbuster Video Guide to Movies & Videos.

Contributor of 140 movie reviews and 13 essays on film genres for Seen That, Now What?

There’s more, but that will do for now.

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