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Did you ever want to engage in a dialog with someone in the process of making a film? Now’s your chance.

Me, contemplating your question.
Me, contemplating your question.

Maybe  you have a question about A Life’s Work, or filmmaking (documentary or otherwise),  or a specific film. Or maybe you want to know whether you should put The Hit before Hour of the Wolf in your Netflix queue.

Perhaps you have a question that isn’t even film related.  I’d be happy to try to answer questions about your relationship with your parents, siblings, significant other,  or pets, but you should keep in mind that I am not a licensed therapist or a pet psychic. I am a writer and a filmmaker and any question I answer on these topics is likely to be informed by countless hours of book reading and film watching and not reality as most of us know it. In spite of that, I give remarkably good advice.

So hit me up!  I’ll carefully consider your query and respond appropriately. With your permission, I’ll post the question (not your name, unless you want me to use your name) and my answer on the blog. Just write your question in the box below and I’ll make it happen.

I look forward to our exchanges.

3 Replies to “Ask a Question”

    1. Well Mr. Tarbell, it’s like this: When a man and woman love each other and they decide they want to start a family, they do this thing which is something adults do in order to make a baby, or to put it biologically, procreate, or reproduce. (A famous artist you may have heard of, Man Ray, once wrote, “To reproduce is human, to create divine.”) Anyway, this act that a man and a woman do in order to procreate is called sex. Now … oh, just just click here or buy the Where Do Babies Come From? dvd. Or maybe you should just ask your lovely wife.

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