The Unknown Zone Welcomes the Filmmaker

I was recently invited by the lovely and charming Yvonne Delet to be a guest on her podcast, The Unknown Zone, the funniest show on the Interwebs. The Unknown Zone is distributed by New Dissident Radio and available via their website  and through iTunes — I’m in Episode 17.

The conversation was freestyle: we talked about A Life’s Work, art, money, fame, dating, chemtrails, and a mess of other things. Yvonne and her co-host, Gerard Mignone, asked some excellent questions. Overall the mood is light. They are, after all, comedians. (Yvonne and Gerard do get bawdy, so it may not be appropriate for everyone. Use your discretion.)

So if you’re wondering what the lighter side of A Life’s Work and its director are like, give it a listen. And let me know what you think.


After the show, hugs and smiles, but no $1,000,000 chocolate bar.
After the show, hugs and smiles, but no $1,000,000 chocolate bar.

Thanks to Yvonne and Gerard for making this such a fun experience.



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  1. Yeah I feel bad about the chocolate thing…and talking about all the documentaries I had written down to talk about…oh well next time..

    CHEERS !


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