A Present for You – More Classical Guitar Music!

When I was at VCCA I made a couple of recordings of me playing some classical guitar music, one in the field on a beautiful summer-like day (listen to it here) and another in the silo. Its circular shape and glazed clay walls make this space reverb-a-licious.

vcca silo guitar


My guitar in the VCCA silo.

It was not a beautiful summer-like day when I recorded in the silo. It was a cold, winter-like day, and the silo, though obviously swanky, is not heated. So, I was cold, and my fingers were cold. But it had to be so, because when those beautiful summer-like days happened, so too did the wasps, who swarmed in the silo on those days and a few afterwards. (To know how I feel about wasps, click here.)

But after a few winter-like days, they died, and wasp corpses, hundreds of them, carpeted the concrete floor and made a crunchy sound when you stepped on them. Not surprisingly, I didn’t mind this sound too much. I didn’t record it, though. But I did record this, me playing Bach’s Prelude, BWV 999, originally composed for lute.

I hope you enjoy it.

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    1. Thanks, Karen.

      Every time I’ve been there, some composer has done something in the silo. Its sound is so amazing, you really can’t pass it up. VCCA SHOULD rent it out! But they’d have do something about those wasps in the summer.

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