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  1. What a lovely proverb. Do you know if there is a reason he chose the spot he chose to plant the tree? Is it a relatively spur of the moment decision? Or are things like when and where trees are plants planned out well ahead of time?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Eleni.

      I don’t know anything about the planting that’s going on in the photo. It looks like it may be ceremonial.

      Certainly, nowadays, one should think long and hard about what tree to plant and where to plant it. There are a number of good resources out there that will help the curious figure out the right tree for their area and the right place for their particular parcel of land. Here’s a link I included on a prior post. National Tree Benefit Calculator.

  2. This photo was taken during one of the MINDS FOR HISTORY Conferences in 1989, the tree planting taking place during the week-long event in the “Minds Garden”, north of the Vaults and Lab Building. Behind Paolo Soleri’s elbow you can see Warren Bennis, who moderated some of the conferences. We would love to find out who took the photo and if there are more photos of the event. Thank you for posting it, this is a great shot.

    1. Thanks so much for the information, Sue. I sent you a direct email with what little information I have about this still.

      I hope you check in again soon.


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