My Other Hat, Part 3

Update: You can read the story here, on the blog.

There Is Joy before the Angels of God,” a story I wrote that appeared in The Literary Review’s Winter 2010 issue, is available online. So if you missed out on the hard copy, you can now read it for free online!  Navigating to the story can be a little tricky, so here’s a tip: in the page field, where it says 1 of 185, type 99. That will take you right to it.

The Literary Review, Winter 2010, This Is Machismo: A Field Guide

And here’s a little trivia question for those who have read the story: I was trying to channel two authors while I was writing this. Can you figure out whom they might be? No prize for the correct answer, I’m afraid, but I’ll congratulate and thank you profusely. (So far the guesses have been Elmore Leonard [very close] and J.D. Salinger [less close], Donald Barthelme, and my favorite from J.J. “the cop felt like Vonnegut.  And the title felt like Kundera by way of Tony Kushner :o)  “)

For more on “There Is Joy before the Angels of God” and TLR, see My Other Hat.

Oh, and I still love the cover, and I still love the fact that it’s in the Machismo: A Field Guide issue. You can stop laughing now, Karen O’Reilly.

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  1. As Dorothy Parker once said, ‘I was not laughing, I was just windin ye up, big lawd’.
    Dorothy Parker was Northern Irish.

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