Have You Noticed…

… that this time of year you get mail from all sorts of organizations asking you to make donations? It’s a tax thing. I think the reasoning is you, the recipient of that pleading email or letter, are flush with money and you’re looking for a deduction for this tax year.

Well, who am I to buck the trend?Playa Summer Lake

If you’d like to help out a worthy cause, consider donating to A Life’s Work. You can do this online with just a few clicks. The money goes not to me, but is held and overseen by the New York Foundation for the Arts. the New York Foundation for the Arts makes sure your donation is spent on the film. And they’ll send you an email that says you gave to this film. You can use that for your taxes. It may even be suitable for framing.

Getting a tax deduction is awesome and all, but what’s even more awesomer is YOU become a patron of the arts and a vital part of the A Life’s Work community. You will also receive a token (or several tokens) of appreciation from me. You will also have my eternal gratitude. You can give as little as $5 and as much as $50,000 through the NYFA portal. Any and all amounts are appreciated.

So why not consider it?

Can’t give money right now but want to be involved? Check out the Support page for other ways you can help.

Thank you kindly,