The Guest Bloggers

Over the years (yes, I can write that and mean it!), this blog has had some wonderful guest posts. Here’s a list of them.mynameis


My Pursuit of Science Took an Ugly Turn by  William Swearson  (words)

Bonsai and A Life’s Work by Karen Bell (photographs)

Time, Nature, Mortality… A Life’s Work by  John Yearley (words)

Her Life’s Work by Kate Hill Cantrill (words)

Arcosanti and the Writing Process (words), An Arcosanti Slideshow (photos), and The Ultimate Selfie: NASA’s Golden Record 2.0 (words).

Designing SETI Institute Graphics by Danielle Futselaar (words and images)

Death Be Not Enervating by Duane Kelly (words)

The Man Who Planted Trees by Jim Robbins (words)

Against the ruin of the world, there is only one defense: the creative act,” by Robert Darden (words)

Mr. Pete’s Tree by Jon Bittman (words and photos)

Arcosanti – City on the Edge of Forever by Nathan Koren (words and photos)

Why Would a 21-Year-Old Be Interested in A Life’s Work? Haroon Butt (words)

Sunset and Sunrise in Arcosanti, AZ: 24 Hours Amidst a Sea of Arcology, photos and essay by Niall David (words and photos)

Hardest/Easiest Work Environments So Far by Andy Bowley (words and photos)

The Meaning of Life by Jane Waggoner Deschner (quote and art)

Bob Marovich’s Top Ten All Time Gospel Recordings (list)

The people above are writers, playwrights, photographers, visual artists,  urban planners, DJs, college students, etc. I like that the list is so varied. I look forward to adding more names. Maybe yours?

You know the themes: legacy, continuity, work one devotes one’s life to, mentorship, stewardship, a sense of connection to something larger than yourself. It’s pretty broad. I’m looking for  visual art, video, interviews, poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. Send me an email and maybe we can work something out.

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