Bristlecone Pine Trees: The Polaroids

Last year around this time I was in the White Mountains of California shooting Bristlecone Pine trees.

Along with my video gear, I lugged my Polaroid SX-70 and took these. As you may be aware, Polaroid went bankrupt and so they stopped producing film, but an organization called the Impossible Project has taken up the cause. The magic that was Polaroid film is not easily reproducible though, and that’s why there is some discoloration and splotchy brown bits.

Still, I like these photo, and I hope you do, too.

For some stills pulled from the video, visit From the Shoot Journal, 08.17.2010

For a clip featuring the trees and Jared Milarch talking about Methuselah, the oldest known living organism in the world, visit Prometheus, Older than Methuselah: A Clip