What Makes Me Happy? Old Things with a Personal History.

Here are two photos. I’m holding the same Cine-Kodak Magazine 8 Camera in both.

Here are some images this camera captured.


That makes me happy. What makes you happy?

Top photo: George Licata, Prince, David Licata, photographer unknown.

Bottom photo: David Licata with camera, photographer David Licata.

3 Replies to “What Makes Me Happy? Old Things with a Personal History.”

  1. Is that you in the videos? That’s amazing man. It’s incredible to me that time goes on and only recently have we been able to capture time and keep it forever.

  2. I take that back. We’ve always been able to capture time. Stories, paintings, drawings, music, etc. Maybe that’s what art is for?

    1. I’m the little guy in the stroller and the guy who trips over the grass at the end. The other little guy is my eldest brother Joe. The film of me was probably shot in 1962, my brother’s 1955.

      I think one of things art tries to do is capture time, or a moment (or several) in time. More precisely, it tries to capture a sensation occurring in that moment. It’s an impossible task, really, but that doesn’t stop one from trying.

      As always, thanks for commenting.

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