“How Do You Find These People?” Paolo Soleri

It had to be early 2005. I was catching up with a friend, Carol T., and telling her about a couple of film ideas I had, including the idea for A Life’s Work. It was my great fortune that Carol had just came back from a vacation in Arizona, and one of the places she visited was Arcosanti.

“Arco what?” I said.

“Arcosanti. It means healthy arc.”

Arcology-City in the Image of Man by Paolo SoleriShe told me what she had learned from the tour she went on and I was intrigued. I went online and was impressed. I checked out Arcology – The City in the Image of Man and was blown away. I read more and more about Paolo Soleri and by Paolo Soleri, and the more I read, the more excited I became about the possibility of including him and Arcosanti in the film. I committed to making A Life’s Work shortly after this bit of research and Soleri was the first person I reached out to.

For that story, read From Concept to First Day of Shooting.

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