Ask the Filmmaker: Why a Transcript and not the Video?

Dear Filmmaker,

I read your post about Stephen Hawking and in it you have a transcription of your interview with Jill Tarter. Why didn’t you just put up the video?



Dear GDS,

That’s an excellent question.

I didn’t put up the video for a couple of reasons. To upload the Tarter video as a talking head for one minute and thirty seconds doesn’t do justice to the film, and this blog is primarily about the film and not about responding in a news-like fashion to the story of the day. Hastily constructing a sequence from the SETI footage around what she’s saying doesn’t work for me either. I like to think that one of the things that differentiates A Life’s Work from a news story is that I have the luxury of time. I don’t need to hurriedly put together a segment for the 5:00 broadcast. I can experiment, consider, re-consider, tweak, re-tweak, trash, start again, etc.

For more on this, see my post Breaking News! Breaking Me?

And thanks for the question.



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