“What the Hey Were You Doing in Waco, Texas?” Part 1

Cinematographer Andy Bowley and I visited Robert Darden at Baylor University, home of the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project. Though I conducted an extensive interview with Robert in Chicago (see “What the Heck Were You Doing in Chicago?” Part 1), I needed to capture the process of digitization that occurs at Baylor’s Moody Library. And I needed to do a follow-up interview. (There’s always a follow-up interview, no matter how extensive the first one.)

The shoot went well and I have the battle scar to prove it.

We used a lot of Andy’s gear, including his Canon DSLR, which folks are using to shoot films these days. One advantage is you can attach all manner of  lens to the body, which we did, using a macro lens to get in super tight on the phonograph needle in the grooves of the vinyl. Nice stuff. (I hope to have stills up soon.)

Thanks to Robert Darden, Mary Landon Darden, Pattie Orr, Tony Tadey, Tim Logan, Darryl Stuhr, Eric Ames, Denyse Rodgers, Amanda Harlan, Emily Kensing, Ashleigh Ware, and everyone at Baylor for making the shoot so fun and carefree.