Thank You, Timing Gods

Timing has never been my strong suit. But I must admit these last few months the timing gods have been very kind to me.

Final Cut Pro: L. Robert Darden walks down E. 53rd Street, Chicago, IL. In the bag gospel LPs he bought at Hyde Park Records. R. Minutes later a patron arrived on a bike with a box of vinyl. Were there any gospel recordings in there?

Edited like a lunatic. Worked intensely on the sample at VCCA, incorporating the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project into the existing sample.

Wrote grant proposals like a lunatic, edited like a sane person. Met the deadlines of five grant opportunities and a residency.* Also sent my reworked sample to Cabot the editor for his take on what I had done. I was thrilled with Cabot’s notes and addressed them, making the sample tighter for submission with the grant materials as well as to producer folks who have expressed an interest in seeing it. I’m very grateful January was spent home in NYC writing the grants, and that I didn’t have to do that at VCCA and won’t have to do that at MacDowell.

February-March (Not to get ahead of myself, but I do need to plan.)
Edit like a lunatic, think like a writer. This is what I hope to do at the MacDowell Colony. More on this next week.

I bow down in supplication to you,  Oh Timing Gods, please grant me more of this good timing through 2010.


Gucci Tribeca Documentary Film Fund
ITVS Open Call
Jerome Foundation
Puffin Foundation
Sundance Documentary Fund


Fine Arts Work Center