How Do You Find These People? Robert Darden

I’m not shy about telling people about the film and sometimes they will suggest a subject.  (I love it when their first response is a laugh followed by, “That sounds like me and my garage.” Really, I do, because that’s the point.) All of my friends know I’m making this film, so when they catch wind of someone or a project they think will work for this film, they tell me about it. That’s how I found out about Robert Darden and the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project

Roland Tec, good friend, brother in filmmaking, Pinkplot Productions head honcho, and brainiac behind the blog Extra Criticum, heard a story on NPR’s Fresh Air. He called and left a message. I listened to the archived show and salivated.

Robert Darden and other customers in Hyde Park Records.
Robert Darden and other customers in Hyde Park Records.

I always wanted to find a collector to include in the film, someone searching for their holy grail, and this lead pointed in that direction.  Though Robert wouldn’t call himself a collector or an archivist, he is actively searching for recordings known to be missing.

The thought of using gospel music in the film was exciting, and Robert and the music would bring religion into the film, and that, I thought, would be a nice counterpoint to the kinds and degrees of spirituality that the other three subjects displayed.

Some tips don’t amount to anything, others amount to a good pay off. With Roland’s tip I hit the jackpot. Thank you, Roland.

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