Thank You 2017

Since 2009 I have thanked the people who supported me or the film during the year. This Thanksgiving, like the past eight Thanksgivings, there are many people to thank.

Anton Shelupanov, Peter Kellman, Jennifer March, Cassandra Graham Hall. Sam Richman, Dr. Sarah Terry, Ileen Katz, Gerry Wrixon, Rebecca Huset, Puffin Foundation, Yip Harburg Foundation, Ernie, Deena and Ben Harburg, Debra Giannini, John Egan, Justin Bosch, Lucas Sanoff, everyone at the MacDowell Colony, Ann Hayashi, Colette Fu, Ayelet Waldman, Levan Hawkins, Eva HD, Charlie Kaufman, Karen Ostrom, Hasan Elahi, Sam, Sax, Julian Kreimer, Alice Attie, Katie Chase, Shaun Irons, Lauren Petty, Gohar Dashti, Ladi Opaluwa, Carson Kreitzer, Catherine Venable Moore, Moko Fukuyama, Bizzy Coy, A’Lelia Bundles, Dennis Earl, Kala Pierson, Michael Mount, Michael Waugh, Riva Lehrer, Margeaux Walter, Sarah Scoles, David Moeller, Natasha Dachos, Denise Valenti, Aida Zilelian Silak, Janet Parks, Gretchen Knudsen, Menchi Wong, John Bohn, Stacy Kass, Jay Walljasper, Ken Sirulnick, Glue Editing & Design, Laura Villa Baroncelli, David Frank, Matthew Salzer, Jonah Volk, Andrew Baker, Nic Bishop, Alison Schreiber, Chris Robertson, Jessica Berman-Bogdan, and Mark Turney.


Continued thanks to these people (crowdfund supporters),  these people (2016),  these people (2015), these people (2014),  these people (2013), these people (2012), these people (2011), these people (2010), and these people (2009). If you’re reading this, you are most likely thanked on one of those pages.

Thanks 2015

Einstein_Thanksgiving_FloatIt’s a Thanksgiving tradition dating all the way back to 2009! If we’ve interacted about the film or my other work or if you inspired me in some way, chances are  you were thanked. Want to find out for sure? Just put your name in the search field.

This year I’d like to thank:

Xinyang (Amy) Hong,  Mallory McMahon, Landon Lee, Getty Images, Margo Stipe, Kristel Nielsen, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Stephan Chodorov, Nancy Hadley, the American Institute of Architects, Sebi Vitale, Ana Fiore, Rusha Rahman, Chris Robertson, Claire Carter, Meredith Miller, Caroline Wright, John Copenhaver, Samuel Leader, Kathryn Armstrong, Prilla Smith Brackett, Ramona DeFelice Long, Barbara Frank, Ron Maclean, Suzanne Zweizig, Jahae Kim, Alan Brown, Lori Horvitz, Robert Gatto, Forest Lehrman, Jocelyn Kelly, Helen: A Literary Magazine, Bennett Beckenstein, Cal Vornberger, Patricia Chao, Urban Associates, Maud MacStoker, Curtis Mark, Susan Robinson, Compass Magazine, Robert Branch, Julian Lage, John Lehmann-Haupt, Elizabeth Oakley, Christine Kakoulas, Marsha Linehan, Diane Paradiso, Yesika Montoya, Kevin E. Smith D.D.S., Margaret Smithglass, Julianne Metzdorf Benisch, David S. Mayne, Murray Smith, Melody Serafino, Jonathan Rowe,  Madrone Studios, Olivier Sherman, The CVS on West End Avenue and 70th Street, NYC,  Ed Kelle, Bob Pegram, Alexandre Frenette, and Sara Brown.

Continued thanks to these people (2014),  these people (2013), these people (2012), these people (2011), these people (2010), and these people (2009).

Thanks 2014

The following people have shown kindness toward my artistic endeavors or inspired me. Most are people I’ve encountered this year, some from years past. I am grateful for even the smallest interaction, because sometimes even the smallest interaction can make a huge difference, in a work of art, in a day, in a life. Here then, the people who have made a difference in 2014. Thank you one and all.

Cat in a paradeAudrey Ward, Marisa Anderson, Meagan Patrick, Starsha Jordan, Marianne Midori, William Bailey, Kamaren Suwijn, Harry Gantz, Sarah Cobley, Dance in Devon Festival (UK), Gene Gnesin, Kristy Harding,  Paper Tape Magazine, Rob Venusti, Mary Toepfer Dolce,  Andrew Moore, Stephen Moore, Tina Moore, Jay Moore, Forrest Wynne, Sharon Wynne, Don Wynne, John Tilley, Juan Morales, Pilgrimage Magazine, Louis Dallara, Jamelah Rimawi, David Licata (the glass artist, not me), Craig Stevens, April Roth, Cathty Anne, Debra Zimmerman, Mike Poppleton, Marion Poeth, the Act Your Age Festival (NL), Gayatri Martin, James Carnahan, Susan Gellin, Beth Thielen, Michael Eder, Glen Steinmacher, The New York Public Library, Andrew Altenburg, David Cerchio, Kara Collier Ibañez, Courtney Harge, Sarah Corpron,  Tina Schumann,  Stephen Budner, Cecilia Petit, Rory Jobst, Jessica Rosner, Alison Victor, Tammy Faye Starlite, Martha Graham Crackers, John Lott, Duane Andrews, Shanti Grumbine, Laurie Marsden, Virginia and Will, Evan Gluck, Daiken Nelson, Helen Axcelson, Jack Axcelson, Wayne Olsen, Bob Stein, Bruce Ward, David Garratt, Barbara Bernstein, Jeff Martin, Pete Pazmino, Lucy Rosenthal, Dong Li, Sophie Barbasch, Paula Whyman, Lisa Carey, Yong-Wook Chung, Joshua Kendall, Caroline Allen, Jody Hobbs Hesler, Roger King, Rachel Breen, Aaron Stepp, Lauren Marie Taylor, Sylvie Courvoisier, Kenny Wollesen, and Drew Gress.

Continued thanks to these people (2013), these people (2012), these people (2011), these people (2010), and these people (2009).



Thanks 2013

Thank you. You're super!
Thank you. You’re super!

Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with A Life’s Work and my other cinematic and/or literary endeavors in 2013. If you’re not thanked here, it’s very possible you were thanked in 2012, or 2011, or 2010, or 2009.

Barbara Bosworth, William Swearson,  Peter Olsen, Edwin Stepp, Monica Salgado Mancuso, Mary Lopez, Kyu Nakama, Sai Nakama, Summer Ash, Ira Murfin, Blue Nikitopoulos, Mary-Lea Cox Awanohara, Ana Singh, David Yam, Karma Low, the Columbia School of Social Work, Royal Shiree, Lisa Marie Harris, Ken McGrath, Deb Friend, Yvonne Delet, Gerard Mignone, Susan Rials, Charles Kerman, Ruth Salvatore, Tracey Yates, Molly Reid, Brian Quick, Fern Sei, Sandra Dal Poggetto, Jim McNutt, Lori Esposito, Luke Gullickson, Greta Schuler, Kate Schutt, Kim Frank Kirk, Debra Gwartney, Ruth Salvatore, Cindy, Michael and all the staff at Ucross, Michael Apted, Bill Stone, Gil Kofman, Tanner King Barklow, Angad Bhalla, Mark Kitchell, Ted Hope, Benjamin Piety, Ken Cook, Ilya Chaiken, Marc Clebanoff, Eric Schaeffer, James Cullingham, Steven Okazaki, r.k.vr.y., David Harth, Dr. Erin Brannigan, everyone at ReelDance Moving Image Collection and The University New South Wales, Australia.

My thanks go out to all of you. You are all SUPER!

Thanksgiving 2012


These wonderful folks crossed paths with A Life’s Work in some way, and I’m very thankful that they did.

Mighty Mouse float at the Thanksgiving Day ParadeJeff Stein, Bill Roach, Julie Bryant, Kris Norris, Michael Norris, Barbara, Scot Seigel, Denise Kumani Gantt, Keane Southard, John Martin, Jamie Newton, M.E. Hope, Terry Brix, David Carmack Lewis, Jessica Roth, Rob Licht, Jayne Marek, Sonja Hinrichsen, Ruby Murray, Peter Kim, John Erickson, Duane Kelly, Kathy Leichert, Nick Dawson, Steve Weiss, Judy Fox, Judith Vogelsang, Letitia Schwartz, Benjamin Scuglia, Randy Burgess, Christine Lofgren, Wendalina Jolie, Jane Eileen Barnes-Rashdan, David Heath, Stanley Willoretta, Paige Critcher and her students at Sweet Briar College, Leslie Van Stavern Millar, Barbara Campisi, Indrani Nayar-Gall, Erin M. Riley, Judith Pratt, Alan Margolis, Cathy Chung, Andrew Rosendorf, Jen Lambert, Jo Ann Biagini, Pedro Ponce, Joshua Zeman, Jeff Jackson, Julia Bloom, Meike Lohmann, Randon Billings Noble, Mary Akers, Judy Adkins, Kathryn Schwille, Daphne Kalotay, Delanie Jenkins, Darren Chilton, Greg Lichtenberg, Amy McCann, Fran Bartkowski, Ally Kirkpatrick, Renee Ashley, Roberto Westbrook, Susan McCarty, John Franklin, and Faye Chiao.

Continued thanks to these folks,  these folks, and these folks.





Thanks, 2011

Anna Westhoff, Julia Elsas, Haroon Butt, Jamal Ahamad, Josephine Crawford, Stephanie Salmon, Chris Zdunek, Gotham Books, John Wildman, John Yearley, Karin Jaschke, Matthew Seig, Jessica Lipps, Lila Cecil, Graziano Carlon, Randy Haykin, D.W. Young, Jens Lekman, Karl Nussbaum, CM Burroughs, Benna Golubtchik, Danielle Futselaar, Annie Heringer, Roberta Guthrie, Kate Hill Cantrill, William W. Heffner, Robert K. Elder, Chicago Review Press, Amelia Estrich, Rita Flores, Kelly Hargraves, Daria Price, Jonah Price, Yuki Hirose, Harry Goldstein, Evan Losow, David Prince, Bill Kerrigan, Iris E. Wagner, Antoine, Rachel Mills, Anne-lyke van den Elshout, Honor Harger, Megan Willome, Los Straitjackets, Michael Connor, Rabbit Tales, Neal Sailer, David Tollas, Sue Hanna, Matteo Di Michele, Erin Jeffries, and Eleni Nikitopoulos.

And continued thanks to these folks and these folks.

Thank You

Baylor University, Dean Pattie Orr, Tony Tadey, Darryl Stuhr, Tim Logan, Amanda Harlan, Eric Spenser, Denyse Rodgers, The World Science Festival, Nicole London, Jessica Bari, everyone at the MacDowell Colony, Stacey D’Erasmo, Alex Halberstadt, Christian Barter, Matthew Connors, Janine Nabers, Selena Anderson, Luis Tentindo, Cindy Daignault, Jerome Kitzke, Nancy Manter, Kim Uchiyama, Jennifer Vanderbes, Patrick Somerville, Jennifer Chen, Brendan Hay, Christopher Schon, Nathan Koren, Niall David, Haroon Butt, Andy Bowley, Clifford Garstang,  Vive Griffith, everyone at Blue Mountain Center, Ben Strader, Harriet Barlow, Ellen O’Grady, Karen O’Reilly, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Rey Leon, Aditi Vaidya, Teresa Basilio, Kayhan Irani, Larry Bogad, Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz, Neil Curry, Karen Ramos, Cathy Goodman, Kellyann Burns, Cheryl Kaplan, Nica Horvitz, Ken Lang, Christina Desser, everyone at the Indian Lake Theater, Laura Bittman Ward, Jon Bittmann, Linda Carlson, Starlee Kine.

And some people I should have thanked years ago: Doug Brown, The Kurz Family, Don and Sharon Wynne, Serafino Gatto, Adriana Gatto, Steve Nagurca.

And continued thanks to these fine folks.

Thank You


So many people to thank. Some of these folks worked on the film and some gave words of encouragement. Many helped in ways they may never be aware of and a few I’ve never met. This list is in no particular order and it’s just a start.

Thank you, Chef Rhonda, for the delicious Thanksgiving spread.
Thank you, Chef Rhonda, for the delicious Thanksgiving spread.

Paolo Soleri, Jill Tarter, Robert Darden, David Milarch, Jared Milarch, Kerry Milarch, Jake Milarch, Mary Landon Darden, Jim Robbins, Dana King, Larissa Bonfante, the students in Professor Bonfante’s class at NYU, Wolfgang Held, Thomas Harting, Andy Bowley, Robert Featherstone, Stefan Grace, Mira Chang, Mike Primmer, Pola Rapaport, Cabot Philbrick, Ian Olds, Sheri Bylander, Marina Feleo Gonzalez, Mary Six Rupert, Don Palmer, Duana Butler, Frank Drake, Seth Shostak, Chris Neller, Karen Randall, Rick Forster, Cynthia Phillips, Rocco Mancinelli, Susie Jorgensen,  U.S. Park Ranger Steve Zachary, the students in SETI’s 2008 Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Program in Astrobiology, U.S. Park Ranger Richard Gibson, David McMaster, David Hanawalt, the Bartlett tree climber dudes, Peter Andreucci, William Libby, everyone at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sheila Gulley Pleasants, Suny Monk, Rhonda Scovill, everyone at Jentel Arts, Lynn Reeves, everyone at Fundacion Valparaiso, Las Chicas, everyone at Centrum Arts and Creative Education, Sally Rodgers, The Teachers Network, Mary-Louise Geering, Roland Tec, Nachama Tec, Robert Palumbo, Lorca Shepperd, Mary McDonnell, Dorothy Robinson, Rob Tarbell, Anna von Gehr, Alex Chertok, Alice Grossman, Jocelyn Brown, Joanna Ney, Serge J-F Levy, Jane Waggoner Deschner, Marcie Paper, Heidi Durrow, Meryl Meisler, Joel Beard, Peter LaMastro, Kristine Oulman, Lincoln LaMastro, Rachel West Carpenter, Bert Shapiro, Alondra Nelson, Anna Beskin and her students at Pace University, Kevin Nutt, WFMU, Capt’n Hard Times Restaurant and its employees and patrons, Hyde Park Records and its employees and patrons, Reverend Reuben Burton, Reverend Doctor Stanley Keeble, University Quarters Bed and Breakfast, Paula and Peter Schuler, the MacDowell Colony, the New York Foundation for the Arts, and my family.

More to come.