Nine-Year Old Blog

The A Life’s Work blog is nine years old today. So much can happen in nine years. For example…

The fourth subject of the film, Robert Darden, was chosen and we interviewed Bob in Chicago and Waco.

I visited the White Mountains in California and shot Bristle Cone Pine trees.

Bristlecone Pine treesEditing.

A work sample screened at IFP.

The Paolo Soleri Amphitheater in Santa Fe, NM, was shuttered.

Paolo Soleri retired.

We interviewed Jeff  Stein, A.I.A.,  in NYC.

Paolo Soleri died.

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture reached out to The Black Gospel Music Restoration Project, and the latter gave the former access to its vast collection of digitized music and related materials.

The Allen Telescope Array was hibernated due to lack of funds.

The SETI Institute did a crowdfunding campaign and raised enough money to bring the ATA out of hibernation.

Allen Telescope ArrayEditing.

Jill Tarter retired.

The Champion Tree Project swapped shingles, changing their name to The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive.

I was interviewed by a few people about the film (and my writing).

The blog went on hiatus.

The blog returned from its hiatus.

We interviewed Jeff Stein at Arcosanti.

Jeff Stein takes a photo of his interviewers.Editing.

We shot Arcosanti with a drone.

A Life’s Work received contributions totally more than $3,000.

A bunch of really great people contributed blog posts.

I wrote a lot of blog posts — about 500.

Think about what transpired in your life in the last nine years. Kind of amazing, right?

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