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Robert Darden, founder of the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project. Its mission is to locate, preserve, record, and catalog the most at-risk gospel recording from black gospel music's golden age (roughly 1940-1980). It's a formidable undertaking.

David and Jared Milarch, father and son tree farmers in Michigan, co-founders of the Champion Tree Project, whose mission is to clone old-growth trees for reforestation projects. Champion Tree Project managed to clone the Methuselah Tree, at 4,700 years old, the oldest known living thing on earth.

Paolo Soleri, architect and guiding force behind Arcosanti, an “urban laboratory” in the middle of the Arizona desert. He has been involved in the construction of Arcosanti since the early 1970s.

Dr. Jill Cornell Tarter, Director, Center for SETI Research, the SETI Institute, who has been involved in the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence since the 1970s. She was the basis for the Elie Arroway character in Carl Sagan's science fiction novel, Contact, played by Jodie Foster in the Robert Zemeckis film.


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