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For the latest info about the film or other work by the filmmakers, make sure to visit the blog.


There are many clips of A Life's Work on the blog, including a three-minute "teaser" (it's not really a trailer).

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A Life's Work: The Work-in-Progress Sample continues to become more of a film (36 minutes and counting). I worked on the sample editor Cabot Philbrick put together, incorporating the footage we shot of gospel music enthusiast and founder of the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project, Robert Darden. Are you interested in seeing it? Contact me.

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The filmmakers responsible for A Life's Work want you to feel good about yourself. We can think of no better way to make this happen than by offering you the opportunity to become a patron of the arts. Click the link and make a tax deductible donation, earmarked for A Life's Work, and be an important part of making art happen.



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