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Besides the subjects of the film, who have been interviewed in front of the camera, I’ve also  conducted several interviews for the A Life’s Work blog, Extracriticum, and Filmmaker Magazine. Here they are in alphabetical order. Unless otherwise noted, they are filmmakers.

Michael Apted

Angad Singh Bhalla

Claire Carter (curator)

Barbara Bosworth (photographer)

Harth (artist)

Brendan Hay (TV writer and zombie aficionado)

Jacob Hensberry

Mark Kitchell

Gil Kofman and Tanner King Barklow

Jeff Stein, AIA, answers a question.

Kathy Leichter (This is more of a conversation than an interview. Kathy and I talk about grief as the inspiration for our films, so you find some talk about A Life’s Work in this Filmmaker Magazine article.)

David Licata (Me, interviewed in NYFA Current about A Life’s Work and fiscal sponsorship.)

David Licata (Me, talking about A Life’s Work to Paper Tape’s Kristy Harding.)

David Licata (Me again, mostly about writing! Interviewed by Jessica Roth for r.kv.r.y. Quarterly Literary Journal.)

David Licata (Yes, me again, talking about  my experience at New Directors/New Films to Celena Cipriaso for Arts America Blog.)

Christine Lofgren (activitst)

Adam Lore (Music entrepreneur, 50 Miles of Elbow Room. Interviewed by Christine Lofgren.)

Aimee Madsen, and a follow-up

Bob Marovich (gospel music dj and writer)

Ross McElwee

Meryl Meisler (photographer and artist)

Randon Billings Noble (essayist)

Kevin Nutt (archivist and gospel music dj)

Marianne Petit (artist, animator, and teacher)

Daria Price

Sarah Scoles (science writer)

Jeff Stein, AIA (President, Cosanti Foundation)

Bill Stone

Judith Vogelsang and Letitia Schwartz

Do you know someone  I should interview? Or maybe you’d like to interview that person? Or maybe I should be interviewing you? Drop me a line and let’s see what we can do.

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