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The Probabilistic Universe: A Clip

The Probabilistic Universe

Here’s a clip I’ve been working on. As the title of this post suggests, it’s about how chance and the unexpected can play a major role in what we find ourselves doing, the discoveries we make, and the passions that fill us.

I’ve always thought of this clip as kind of the equivalent of a sidebar in a magazine article. Will it make it into the finished film? Don’t know. Some pertinent information is contained in it, but the whole thing? Maybe I’ll flip a coin to decide.

Another coin decision: When Tarter says “We … we? Jocelyn Bell and her thesis advisor….” Cut the “We… we”? Right now, I like it.

I’d really like to know what you think of this clip, since it’s quite different than the other clips up there. And please feel free to like it, share it, comment on it, etc.  You know I always love hearing from you.

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An Arcosanti Slideshow

Jessica Roth, writer, guest blogger, and friend of A Life’s Work, took these photos on a recent trip to Arizona and sent this bit of text along to accompany them.

I make an annual sojourn to this spot…alongside the river, in a cave overlooking it, near the mesa that coughs up chalcedony and jasper, above the low branches of the bosque. Every time, I discover something new. A pile of sun-worn bones and cicada wings below an owl’s roost. A new elbow in the river. Another cave, higher, whose shadows are lined with small bells. The beginnings to stories I’ve still to tell.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These photos show an important part of Arcosanti, that is, what you see around Arcosanti. The structure-town is not intended to dominate the landscape, but be integrated with it. These photos may show a tiny bit of structure, some bells, some presence of people, but mostly they’re about the natural landscape you experience when you look out of a window at Arcosanti or walk a few feet from one of its doors.

Jeff Stein said this in the recent interview:

So not only am I part of this powerful urban architecture, but the architecture itself is contained, and we’re on the edge of a cliff so I wake up in the morning and throw back the curtain and there, only about a 1/4 of a mile away, is the face of the opposing Mesa. I can see down a valley, there might be a herd of pronghorned antelope prancing around down there. There might be some cows on some grazing land up above. The sun is doing different things with cloud formations in the landscape and in fact it’s a wholly engaging and beautiful and rich natural landscape that we’re a part of.

Soleri Bells: A Clip – and an Emerson Quote, Too

I opened early cuts of the film with this quote.

Do your work and I shall know you. Do your work and you shall reinforce yourself.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I ditched the idea of opening with a quote, not because of Emerson’s words, but because I want the film to open with an image and not words.

I thought a nice accompaniment  to this quote would be a clip of an Arcosanti resident carving a detail into a Soleri ceramic bell. And so here is that:

Arcosanti is funded in large part by the sale of Soleri bells, ceramic and bronze. For a recent post about carving the ceramic bells on Today@Arcosanti, go here.

To buy a bell, go here.