Little Red Dots

I have these stickers, they’re little red dots. They look like this:

Actual size!

When I capture a tape (that is, put the miniDV tape in a deck and transfer that digital information to one of my external hard drives so that it is accessible for editing), I cut a quarter of the dot and place it on the corner of the sleeve like this:

This tape contains a portion of the interview with Robert Darden, including a bit where he talks about Prince's gospel song, "The Cross."

This lets me know at a glance that I have captured the tape in its entirety. I have done this to 86  one-hour tapes.

All the red dots I have left are in that first image, seven and three-quarters. If I quarter them, that’s enough for 31 more hours of tape.

Will that be enough to finish this film? Will I need to get more red dots?