A Life’s Work Wants You to Be a Guest Blogger

guest_bloggers_wantedWould you like to contribute to the A Life’s Work blog? Maybe write something about your life’s work? Or contribute some photos? Or conduct an interview with someone you think is doing something they won’t finish in his or her lifetime. Or maybe you have a haiku, sonnet, or cinquain (or the form of your choice) on the theme you’d like to share, or a drawing or painting or a song? Maybe you visited Arcosanti, or the Allen Telescope Array, or an old growth forest? Maybe you attended an amazing gospel concert or a moving service? Perhaps you took some photos  of Sagrada Familia  or shot video of your friend walking across a vine bridge? Maybe it’s just an impression you’d like to share when you were in a cathedral or the desert or in a hot air balloon. Maybe a quote. Why not share it?

Just deal with the blog’s themes: legacy, continuity, work one devotes one’s life to, mentorship, stewardship, a sense of connection to something larger than yourself. It’s pretty broad. I want to see what you have to say about these things and I want to publish it here on this blog!  Have an idea but don’t know how to proceed? Share it with me and maybe we can work it out.

As a guest blogger, you don’t have to give me a gift or anything. No bottle of wine, no dessert. In fact,  I’ll pay you with an origami animal. Other benefits include the satisfaction of knowing your work is online for as long as online exists. I’ll link to your website, blog, Tumblr, etc. And I’ll promote the heck out of  it.

Just leave me a comment or shoot me an email and we’ll make it happen. I look forward to seeing what you have. And please feel free to spread the word.

d a v i d [ a t ] b l o o d o r a n g e f i l m  s { d o  t } c  o  m

Posts by guest bloggers include:

Bonsai and A Life’s Work by Karen Bell (photographs)

Time, Nature, Mortality… A Life’s Work by  John Yearley (words)

Her Life’s Work by Kate Hill Cantrill (words)

Arcosanti in Words and Arcosanti in Photos by Jessica Roth

Designing SETI Institute Graphics by Danielle Futselaar (words and images)

The Man Who Planted Trees by Jim Robbins (words)

Against the ruin of the world, there is only one defense: the creative act,” by Robert Darden (words)

Mr. Pete’s Tree by Jon Bittman (words and photos)

Arcosanti – City on the Edge of Forever by Nathan Koren (words and photos)

Why Would a 21 Year Old Be Interested in A Life’s Work? Haroon Butt (words)

Sunset and Sunrise in Arcosanti, AZ: 24 Hours Amidst a Sea of Arcology  by Niall David (words and photos)

Hardest/Easiest Work Environments So Far by Andy Bowley (words and photos)

The Meaning of Life by Jane Waggoner Deschner (quote and art)

Bob Marovich’s Top Ten All Time Gospel Recordings (list)