Tourist Eyes – Andy Bowley

Andy Bowley, cinematographer for much of A Life’s Work, heeded the call I sent out last post and emailed me this photograph.

Andy writes: This was taken in the neighborhood where I live part time. It is certainly a tourist destination (the architecture is a big draw) but it’s rare that I take the time to look through a lens at any of it.


For his efforts, Andy will receive an origami crane, made with my own two little hands.

I’d love to post more photos, especially one taken by YOU! (You take good photos with that phone of yours, I’ve seen them on FB.) If you’d like to see it published on this blog (and be the envy of your friends because of the origami crane I’ll send you), just attach it to an email.

d a v i d [ a t ] b l o o d o r a n g e f i l m s ( d o t ) c o m