Ask the Filmmaker: Why Didn’t You Shoot That?

Dear Filmmaker,

It seemed like there was big news recently involving the Milarch’s and the planting of some redwoods they cloned in Oregon. I noticed that you put a link to the event on the A Life’s Work Facebook page, but didn’t blog about it. Does that mean  you didn’t shoot the event? 


(yeah, me, one in the same)

Dear Filmmaker,

It’s true. I did not shoot the planting in Oregon.

Every time one of the subjects does something that makes the news (and this happens quite a lot), my first instinct is to go and film. But as I’ve written before, production is over (sort of). I feel like I have shot the stuff necessary (mostly) to tell this story.

That being said, I will be shooting another interview very soon. More on that in the coming weeks. I will just say it’s an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

But there is another reason I didn’t rush out to Oregon.

This planting was a media event. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that’s all it was, it was another example of the Milarchs’ important work. But I’m not interested in shooting any more media events. I’ve shot all the media events I need.

Another reason I’m not interested in showing up to media events is it’s nearly impossible to get time with the subject at these things because they are swamped by the TV crews and they , understandably, take precedent over what I’m doing because they’re airing their stories that evening. Me? Well, you know, I’m not airing it the evening of. (To hear NPR’s story about the event and a brief interview with David Milarch, click here.)

And there are budgetary considerations, too.

So, those are the reasons why I didn’t fly out to Oregon.

Thanks for playing Ask the Filmmaker, Filmmaker. I hope it eases our mind some.



The Filmmaker

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