Other Platforms, Other Comments

A Life’s Work blog has, at last count, 587 comments (since I reply to all comments, about half of them are mine). But many people are shy about leaving a comment on the blog but not so shy about leaving a comment on Facebook. Here then, a couple of great comments that might have slipped under the radar.

A Comment Regarding SETI’s Jill Tarter on Gender Bias in the 1950s: A Clip

One of my favorite clips from David Licata’s film, A Life’s Work, and a note to David, when I was in high school the choice was Home Ec or Vo Ag (vocational agriculture), I didn’t like the Ag teacher so I had to take Home Ec, the only class I ever failed. Still trying to write a poem about that!


M.E., I’m still eagerly awaiting that poem!

A Comment Regarding Steely Dan and A Life’s Work (wherein I went off on the guitar solo in Peg)

I love the geeky grandeur of this post. I have a lot of things like that in my head as I write, too, metaphors that (I assume) make sense only to me. It’s great to hear one explicated like this.

Related note: the great English stage actor Ralph Richardson was a classical music fanatic. From his favorite director (I wish I could remember who it was!) he would get notes only in classical music. “That moment is a little more Bartok,” that kind of thing. Worked perfectly.


PS – I embody all sides of the Steely Dan debate. I can change from loving to hating them within a single day.

There are lessons to be learned (or reminded of) in these old theater stories. Thanks for sharing that one, J.Y.

I used to try to convince people to leave comments on the blog and not on Facebook, but now I don’t care. I just like it when you comment. So please, keep them coming.