Anonymous’ Life’s Work

On the administration page for the A Life’s Work blog there are all sorts of boxes full of stats. Like everyone else, I’m obsessed with the numbers, so the first thing I check are how many views the blog received. The next box I review is this  (click the image to enlarge):

Search Engine Terms
“i want to know” ?

In addition to giving me  insight into SEO (search engine optimization), I also just get a charge out of how people find the blog. I like imagining someone typing “i want to know” in their search engine of choice and winding up here.

On November 6, 2012, someone was doing some pretty inspired searching:

Search Engine Terms
“How to choose a life’s work”

There’s no way for me to know who searched for “how to choose a life’s work,” and I don’t know if he or she  found his or her answer on this humble blog, but I will say this: I believe your life’s work finds you whether you’re searching for it or not, as long as you keep your antennae up. Whether you choose it or it chooses you is another question.

Good luck, Searcher. May your work be your life’s work. May it bring you much joy and satisfaction. And when it doesn’t, for that’s the way the world works, may you be kind to yourself and may you realize more than 75% of the time that what you’re doing matters.

So, what about this idea of a choosing you life’s work? Do you think we choose it or it chooses us?