Bristlecone Pine Trees: A Clip and an Argument Between DP and Editor

The Bristlecone Pine Tree


Excuse Me While I Go Schizo

I came across this shot while editing a sequence on bristlecone pine trees and the Milarch’s successful cloning of the Methuselah tree and I immediately got into an argument with the cinematographer who shot it. The cinematographer in this case being me. (I think I shot maybe 6 of the 110 hours of total footage and I’m probably pleased with about 4 minutes of those 6 hours.)

David the Editor:  Why didn’t you just lay off the zoom button?

David the Cinematographer: Dude! It would have been a super long take. And I thought the movement of the shadow combined with the  zooms would work nicely. Do you like them?

David the Editor: I do, I just wish you had committed. Maybe one slow long zoom in or zoom out.

David the Cinematographer: You editors, you’re always looking at what was missed, what wasn’t shot. You know that if I hadn’t touched the camera you would be telling me, “Why didn’t you zoom in and zoom out? Give me some options? No way can I use such a long take!”

David the Editor: Can’t I have my cake and eat it to.

David the Cinematographer: In this case, no.

And so the argument ended and I went back to editing.


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