Robert Darden on Completing Big Work

Robert Darden in Chicago, looking at a cathedral.
A Life’s Work’s Robert Darden wrote a post on his blog this week about what it feels like to complete a book he’s been working on for six or seven years. The book, Nothing But Love in God’s Water: The Influence of Black Sacred Music on the Civil Rights Movement, Volume 1 will be published by Penn State University Press.

This topic is, needless to say, something I’m interested. But in typical Darden style, it is not just about finishing a big project. It is also about time, regret, and the continued relevance of the book’s topic. Darden writes:

But here’s why I believe that a better understanding of the Civil Rights Movement is important today: It’s an on-going process. WAY too many people in this country of all races and creeds, of all genders and ages, still do not enjoy the full fruits of democracy. Too many poor people, too many people with differing ideas about sexuality, too many people with various physical, mental and emotional challenges do not share equally in the guarantees built into our Constitution. And when one person is denied their civil rights, we all suffer…

I’m very much looking forward to the publication of  Nothing But Love in God’s Water.

If you’re interested at all in the origins and history of gospel music, you must read Darden’s People Get Ready!: A New History of Black Gospel Music.