A Quote About Trees and a Calculator

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.
William Blake.

I’m not one for name calling, but it is certainly true that when a person like David Milarch or Jim Robbins, author of The Man Who Planted Trees, looks at a tree, they see it differently  than, say, a person who worked for the Pacific Lumber Company.

Jim Robbins (in the tree) with David Milarch.
What’s a Tree’s “Worth”?

Would you like to calculate the value of a tree planted near your home? Use the National Tree Benefit Calculator. Type in your zip code, the species of tree, and its diameter, and the calculator will tell you how much stormwater runoff that tree will intercept,  how much CO2 it will sequester, how much you will save in your summer electric bill, how much the tree will add to the real estate value, and more! It’s informative, fun, and couldn’t be easier. Give it a try!