An Email On My Corkboard?

We all need some kind of reassurance from time to time. One of the things I need it for is my skill as a cinematographer. So on my corkboard is a print out of an email from Andy Bowley, a very fine cinematographer who shot much of A Life’s Work.

Here's an actual email from a real cinematographer!

Thank you, Andy. Your email not only flatters me, but it makes me laugh. And that’s why it’s on my corkboard.

And here’s the video clip in question. Which I shot. Enjoy the banter, which starts about 30 seconds in.


For more about this clip, which I shot, click here. Did I mention I shot it?

Do you keep such things around to bolster your confidence? Please tell me I’m not alone here.

4 Replies to “An Email On My Corkboard?”

    1. Hey Man,

      Well, maybe you don’t need it. That’s very possible and that would be awesome. I, however, need all the bolstering I can get.

      Thanks for leaving the comment. Always good to see you here.


  1. Hi David. We all need those confidence boosters. On a shelf next to my desk I keep a photo of me working with my director at the first workshop a play of mine had as a result of a national competition. On those days when my confidence is sucking for air this photo (I’m looking at it right now) reminds me that others have had a higher opinion of my work.

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