The Nerves

Dear Filmmaker,

Were you nervous before your first interview with Paolo Soleri? I mean, he’s kind of a rock star, isn’t he?

R.C. in AZ

Dear R.C. in AZ

Yes, I think he is, and yes, I was nervous before I met Soleri for the first time. And the second time. And the third, fourth, and fifth times, too. I was also nervous before every interview with Jill Tarter, Robert Darden, and David and Jared Milarch. Not dripping-in-sweat nervous, more like a little-perspiration-on-the-palms nervous. The nerves are about logistics, mostly. Will we have enough time? Will we find a good location to conduct the interview? Did I bring everything I need to do the job? Stuff like that.

But I find once we sit across from each other and I ask the first question, the nerves disappear. For me, it becomes a conversation. (Of course, they’re the ones in front of the camera, so it’s not much of a conversation for them.) I’m curious about people, whether I’m interviewing them in front of a camera or sitting next to them on a plane. I want to know how they became interested in their passion, how they wound up living where they live, doing what they do. All of it. So for me it’s just asking questions, listening, responding, and asking another question.

Thanks for question, R.C.

And here’s a song Blondie would turn into a huge hit, performed by the band that wrote it, The Nerves.

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Here are The Nerves performing a near-perfect power pop song. They wrote it, but you may recognize the Blondie version.