Welcome to the Terrific Twos

Last week, the A Life’s Work blog turned two years old. That sounds pretty insignificant, and in the scheme of things, it is, but to me it’s kind of staggering. I track, list, and calculate many things, as you’ll see if you continue reading, but one thing I don’t dare track, list, or calculate is how much time I spend working on the blog. (Let’s not even talk about the Facebook page!) I can’t even begin to guestimate. The answer that will have to do is, “a lot.” It’s a good thing I actually enjoy doing it.

Right, the stats after the photo.

My Favorite Posts? The Guest Posts.

What a D.P. Sees
Hardest/Easiest Work Environments So Far in 2010
Charismatic Manhattan Pinecone Test
This Post Is For You, Gearheads!
By director of photography Andy Bowley

A Report from SXSW
Top 10 Gospel Christmas Songs
“Against the ruin of the world, there is only one defense: the creative act.”
By Robert Darden of The Black Gospel Music Restoration Project

Sunset and Sunrise in Arcosanti, AZ: 24 Hours Amidst a Sea of Arcology
Photographs by Niall David, with an essay written by the photographer.

Why Would a 21 Year Old Be Interested in A Life’s Work?
By Haroon Butt

Arcosanti – City on the Edge of Forever by Nathan Koren
Resident of Arcosanti in the mid 90s

Mr. Pete’s Tree
by Jon Bittmann
The essay contest winner – Why Do We Plant Trees as Memorials?

Stop being so modest, what are your favorite posts, David.
Prometheus, Older than Methuselah: A Clip
Here’s a “Trailer”: A Clip
The posts that feature me playing classical guitar. Prelude 28 No. 7 by Chopin, transcribed for guitar by Tarrega; Adelita and Lagrima by Tarrega.

The Numbers for June 20, 2010 – June 20, 2011.

Posts: 121
Comments: 134
Clips: 16 A Life’s Work-related clips. (I haven’t done the math, but there’s probably at least an hour of edited footage available via this portal now.)
Total views: 8,457
Badly bruised finger tips: 0 (down 1 from last year)

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  1. That’s great stuff David! Congrats on another year of the blog! I very much appreciate the shoutout as one of your favorite posts among the other great guest contributors 🙂 I truly enjoyed contributing to the A Life’s Work blog and wish you the best as you complete the film!


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