This is the blog’s 200th post. That may not seem like much in 18 months (there are bloggers out there who do that in a month), but if you told me when I first started that I was going to have to some way put together 200 A Life’s Work-related posts, I probably would have canned the idea. Seems like a lot of writing focused on a somewhat narrow topic, and yet, here I am, 200 posts later.

This reminds me of other milestones. The first day of production. The first interview. The 100th hour of footage. Declaring production wrapped. At the time, these milestones seemed huge, and I suppose they were, at the time. Now they don’t really seem like much.

It will continue to be this way, I’m sure. Right now, the big milestone is raising enough money to secure an editor for a chunk of serious time. There will be many milestones after that. And once the film is completed, once it has been exhibited here, there, and everywhere, once I have moved on to the next project, all of these milestones will seem like nothing more than steps that were part a long journey.

What have been the milestones in your life?