Ask the Filmmaker: Turning the Tables

Dear Filmmaker,

Actually, this question didn’t start that way.

When I first sit down to interview someone for A Life’s Work,  I have a few things I mention before I ask the first question. One of those things is, “If you have a question for me, please ask it.”

When we spoke with David Milarch in his home in Copemish, MI, he took me up on that.


4 Replies to “Ask the Filmmaker: Turning the Tables”

  1. I remember the plum trees in our backyard in the first house lived in. I remember the willow in the 2nd and the willow near the river in my 3rd. Now I’m growing a couple of black willows in my own yard that David and co. cloned. I know of many more but it was fun to think about the trees of my youth. It makes me feel connected to the Earth and therefore comforted.

    1. What a beautiful comment, thank you for sharing, Kelly.

      It’s wonderful, isn’t it, that we remember the trees that were important to us throughout our lives? There was a willow in the courtyard of an apartment building I lived in in Hoboken, NJ. I would sit on the little patio on the third floor and watch its branches sway in the breeze, its leaves rustling. Being that high up, it was kind of like being in a tree house. I loved that tree and it was a great amenity to that apartment.

      Thanks again for the comment. Hope to see you here again soon.


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