Stay of Execution

If you read the “It’s Artist Residency Time” post, you’ll know what I hoped to get done during my stint here at VCCA.

“So,” I can hear you ask, “how’s it going?”

The corn crib: this is where I've been editing for the last month or so.

Slowly. My residency was scheduled for November 15 – December 9. I’ve managed to edit together a finer-than-rough but not-quite-fine cut of the BGMRP material, but as of the 9th had not begun incorporating it into the sample. Fortunately, I was granted 11 extras days at VCCA. So I have until December 20 to get ‘er done. Eleven extra days before the inevitable re-entry into the real world.

Yesterday I wove in the first of three sections. From today until the 20th I will be tweaking and weaving. If I keep my nose to the grindstone, I should have a 35-minute sample when I get back home.

The other biggish news: I’ll be doing a residency at the MacDowell Colony for six weeks beginning February 5. I’m very excited about that and know what I’ll be working on during that time. But more on that later.

And the ping pong? My game has improved thanks to my formidable opponents. Once I get that forehand smash down, I’ll be unbeatable!