6 Replies to “The Luxury of Simplicity”

  1. Thanks, Yvonne.

    I brought the rugs (mentioned in a previous post), and the green “curtain” is actually two blankets; the only drawback to editing in this room is the amount of light. It could be darker still, but at least my makeshift curtain blocks the direct sun. That’s important for editors as well as vampires.

  2. This does not look all that simple to me. Look at the big computer screen, that thick notebook–with dividers!!–the other notebook on the desk. More papers and what looks like a banana and an apple.
    You just have cows outside your window instead of all that marvelous, buzzing NYC life! Give me urban simplicity any day!!

  3. Exactly right, Jane. And you’re not even seeing the computer and five hard drives off to the right. But simplicity in the work is what I am trying to remember. Look at that binder. That’s the transcript of the interviews. Several hundred pages. I must distill all that, simplify it, and make it communicate something to people who will one day watch this film.

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