Little Red Dots

I have these stickers, they’re little red dots. They look like this:

Actual size!

When I capture a tape (that is, put the miniDV tape in a deck and transfer that digital information to one of my external hard drives so that it is accessible for editing), I cut a quarter of the dot and place it on the corner of the sleeve like this:

This tape contains a portion of the interview with Robert Darden, including a bit where he talks about Prince's gospel song, "The Cross."

This lets me know at a glance that I have captured the tape in its entirety. I have done this to 86  one-hour tapes.

All the red dots I have left are in that first image, seven and three-quarters. If I quarter them, that’s enough for 31 more hours of tape.

Will that be enough to finish this film? Will I need to get more red dots?

2 Replies to “Little Red Dots”

  1. I had a dream that you finished your movie in 2010, sent it out and had people watch it and it opened up at Sundance in 2011. It received lots of praise and critical success and then it did fairly well in the box office. Afterwards, it was a huge success on DVD and you became a hit director.

    Let’s hope it was a premonition!

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