Another Adventure

Wolfgang Held and I are on our way to Chicago. We return late Monday evening. I’m nervous and excited and I don’t expect I’ll get much sleep this weekend.

I received an e-mail last night from Wolfgang. The last sentence: “Looking forward to this adventure.”

When I was shooting David Milarch in the redwoods I became friends with the journalist Jim Robbins. (He wrote The New York Times article about that event.) Jim gave me a book he wrote and he inscribed it. I had forgotten about that inscription until almost a year later, when I was nervous and anxious about the upcoming SETI shoot at Hat Creek and Mount Lassen. For some reason, I picked up Jim’s book and read the inscription: “For David, Enjoy your adventure, Jim.” It calmed me.

And that is what I will try to remember this weekend. This film is an adventure! It has taken me to the frozen Michigan tundra and the baking Arizona desert, to the lush redwood forest in Northern California, and now to bustling Chicago, Illinois. It has introduced me to  architects, astronomers, scholars, tree farmers, and this weekend, a musicologist.

Thank you Wolfgang and Jim for the always welcome reminder. Adventure. I like that.